Konferenz 1997


Jochen Ludewig, University Stuttgart, Germany

Opening by the Conference Chairman

Presentation Jochen Ludewig


András Pataricza, Technical University Budapest, Hungary

The Perfectly Designed Chaos - or How Can We Stop the Running Amok of an Imperfect Software on a Faulty Hardware

Presentation András Pataricza


Tom DeMarco, The Atlantic Systems Guild Inc., Camden, ME, USA

Leading From a Position of No Power

Presentation Tom DeMarco


Norbert Fuchs, Alcatel and Technical University Wien

Quality Maturity Improvement Reengineering or What Comes Next

Presentation Norbert Fuchs


Lucy Suchman, Xerox Palo Alto Research, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Work Practice Studies and Co-Design

Presentation Lucy Suchman


Niklaus Wirth, ETH Zürich

Software - Quality or Quantity, That is the Question

Presentation Niklaus Wirth


Panel discussion

Software engineering and software quality ten years from now

Karol Frühauf

Closing Remarks

INFOGEM and all the contributors András Pataricza Karol Frühauf Jochen Ludewig, Chairman of the Conference Lucy Suchman Niklaus Wirth Norbert Fuchs Panel discussion Helmut Sandmayr Tom deMarco